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ABOUT RB Party Decorations

We Create The Stylish Events

We specialize in providing beautiful and unique decor for Weddings, Quinces, Sweet Sixteen, and other events. With our creativity and passion for event decor design, we aim to make every event memorable and personalized to the client's vision. We work closely with our clients to understand their preferences and offer a range of services, including Venue Decoration, Centerpieces, Floral Arrangements, Head Table, and Court of Honor designs. Through our business, we hope to bring joy and beauty to people's special moments and create lasting memories for all involved.

Event Planners

We can save event planners time and effort while ensuring that the event's decor and ambiance meet the client's expectations.

DIY Event Planners

We can guide a client to create a cohesive design, from selecting the perfect color to installing decorations on the day of the event.
Event Planners
DIY Event Planners
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Our process

It's easy as one, two, and three.


Add items to your Wishlist

Click on the heart next to each item and add it to your list. Fill out some basic information i.e event date, name, phone number, etc

Receive an written estimate

We will email you a written estimate to approve, sign, and pay online. We find that our process makes sure that no details are left out of the order.

Get the items delivered or pick them up yourself.

Have the items delivered, or you can get them the day before the event. Special delivery request, please consult with a representative. e.g., venue, surprise party, etc

We Are Professional

We are experts in organizing and executing successful events, ranging from small gatherings to large-scale events and weddings.

Honest And Dependable

We are committed to providing transparent and reliable services, ensuring that our clients can trust us to deliver high-quality event planning solutions

Logistics Methods

We employ efficient planning strategies to streamline event logistics, optimize resources without compromising the quality of the event.


Transparency, Dependability, and Attention to Detail

We are committed to providing exceptional services tailored to our clients specific needs, while ensuring transparency, dependability, and attention to detail every step of the way.
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We're more than Event Rentals

Discover the perfect blend of elegance and affordability with our exclusive Gown Sales and Rentals, ensuring you find the ideal dress to radiate beauty and grace on your Quinceañera or Sweet 16th celebration.

Gown Rentals

Elevate your Quince or Sweet 16 celebration with our stunning gown rentals, offering a diverse selection of elegant dresses to make your milestone moment truly unforgettable.

Gown Sales

Embark on a journey of style and sophistication with our exquisite gown sales, where you can find the perfect dress to complement the magic of your Quinceañera or Sweet 16th celebration.

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